Muggle Snuggle et les Chansons secrètes

by Muggle Snuggle

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La deuxième collection du meilleur groupe de wrock, Muggle Snuggle (8/23/16).

Thanks for listening to our magic. <3 Catch us on our festival tour later in 2017 in Volant, PA; Kent, Oh; and Buffalo, NY!


released June 29, 2017



all rights reserved


Muggle Snuggle Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Kait Weasley and Mermanda struggle through their muggle lives, and find their magic through music (beyond all they do here).

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Track Name: Parsel My Mouth
Parsel My Mouth

When dating a Sexy Slytherin
You might think it’s all good fun
Attracted to ambition
As they take you for a run
But soon they slither around your heart
You’re addicted to the green
And before you know it
There is a silver ring
Wrapped up in you
Hold me tonight
Entangle around me with all your might
Parcel my mouth
Your hiss drives me mad
Your pure bloods inside me
You make me feel… BAD
Trap me in your chamber
And I’ll keep all your secrets
Whisper your words to me
And have no regrets
Brand me with your mark
And I’ll come when you call
My devotion to you
Reigns above all
You slither-in-side my heart
And your hold is fast
There is no doubt in my mind
That this marriage will always last
I’ll support you up into great power
Just like a spouse should do
Our un-breakable vow
A life devoted to you
(parslemouth whispers)
Track Name: Helga Hufflepuff
Helga Hufflepuff
Not least of the Hogwarts Four
Hufflepuff Basement is found
Close to the kitchen door

“You might belong in Hufflepuff,
Where they are just and loyal,
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true
And unafraid of toil”

You can go to Helga Hufflepuff
When you’ve mis-tapped the rhythm and got doused
Access is denied: you douche
Helga takes a hit for the House

“Good Hufflepuff, she took the rest
and taught them all she knew,
Thus, the houses and their founders
Maintained friendships firm and true.”

Cedric Diggory
Our Hogwarts Champion was killed
“Wands out, d’you reckon?” were his last words
That prefect seeker was skilled

Not just “a lot o' duffers,"
Fierce friend, loyal and just
Newton Scamander in the House
Find Fantastic Beasts or bust!

According to Hufflepuff Prefect Gabriel Truman, the badger is " animal that is often underestimated, because it lives quietly until attacked, but which, when provoked, can fight off animals much larger than itself, including wolves."

Sport your yellow and black
Hufflepuffs have got a lot of grit
Underestimated on the Quidditch Pitch,
Badgers don’t give a (drum beat) (Go badgers!)
Track Name: Amortentia
Hello Witchy Witches
Hello you Witchy Witches

It will take you under it’s spell
That scent which you know all too well
Before you now

Oh Witchy Witches
Oh my dear Witchy Witches

It’s pearly sheen catches your eye
You’ll stay away if you are wise
Just Go
Apparate Away

Love is the potion
Oh my Love
Come stir my cauldron
Stay with me
You’ve got me under your spell
Stay with me

Hello Witchy Witches
Oh Witchy Witches

Engulf me in your spiraling steam
Unfold me in this beautiful dream
And Steal
Steal me away

She’ll catch you there
Track Name: Riddle's Diary
I open my book and I
Settle down
In my bedroom
With no one around

“My brothers tease me..”
I start to write
I’ll fill up these pages
Instead of fight

And as teardrops fall
Onto the page
Words start to appear
Before my gaze

Oh my dear friend
Why are you so sad?
I am here for you
(But don't tell your dad)

My Name is Tom
And I’m your friend
I’ll be here for you
Whenever you pen

Oh Dear Tom!
Thank goodness for you
Things are tough here
At Hogwarts school

I feel for you Ginny, dear
I truly I do
Things were hard there
For me too

Everyone says,
“Secondhand robes and books
Pathetic, under-fed”

I was an orphan
Nothing to my name
But I showed them all
And claimed my fame

No one's ever understood me
like you, Tom
I'm so glad I've got this diary to
confide in

It's like having a friend that I
Can carry around
You’re my pocket
Without a sound

I'm losing my memory / Oh my dear friend
There are rooster feathers / Why are you so sad
All over my robes / I'm here for you
How did they get there / Don't tell your dad

Dear Tom I can't remember / My name is Tom
What I did the last night. / And I'm your friend
But a cat was attacked. / I’ll be here for you
And I’m covered in paint. / Whenever you pen

Dear Tom Percy keeps telling me / I feel for you Ginny, dear
that I'm pale / I truly I do
And I'm not myself / Things were hard there
I think he suspects me / For me too

There was another attack today / I was an orphan
And I don't know where / I was Nothing to my name
Tom, what am I going to do / But I showed them all
I think I'm going mad / And claimed my fame

I think I'm the one / Oh my dear friend
Attacking everyone. / Why are you so sad
Tom! / I'm here for you
Tom….. Tom….. / don't tell your dad

Oh my dear friend
Why are you so sad?
I am here for you
Don't tell your dad