Have A Very Harry Christmas

by Muggle Snuggle

Have a holly phoenix feather wand; It's the best wand of his year I don't know if it’ll impress Cho After a Butterbeer Have a holly phoenix feather wand; When you walk to the Great Hall Jinx your enemies but don’t get caught Or you’ll lose House points for all Oh ho, the mistletoe After the DA met; Cho Chang waited up for him; Too bad Harry’s first kiss was “wet” Have a holly phoenix feather wand If you visit Ollivander’s by floo Oh by golly Hope a holly phoenix feather wand chooses you!
Oh Voldy Night, the stars no longer shining It is the eve of Voldemort Day Long death eaters lie in dark cells pining Till he appeared and freed them from Azkaban A thrill of hope, the death eaters rejoiced For yonder breaks a new Pureblood world Fall on your knees Oh hear the Dark Lord's voice, (Sonorous) Oh night dark marked Oh night, of Voldemort Day Oh night dark marked, Oh night, Oh night dark marked Truly he taught us to hate on Muggle-borns His law to kill and free us from hiding Laws shall he break for Muggles are inferior And at his name all protective charms shall cease Sweet victory, in grateful chants we praise thee Let all Purebloods praise our Dark Lord!
Silent Hall 02:19


Wishing you all a Very Harry Christmas!


released December 3, 2017

Amanda Parrotte & Kaitlin Mausser with special piano guest Stephanie Muczyk!


all rights reserved



Muggle Snuggle Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Kait Weasley and Mermanda struggle through their muggle lives and find their magic through music (beyond all they do here).

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